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Hosts China

The largest developing country

China is the most populous developing country in the world with 1.375 billion people, 800 million of whom are economically active, and 170 million of whom are youth.

While pursuing its own development, China is dedicated to strengthening solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries for common development.

In recent years, China has actively promoted economic integration, boosted BRIC nations and China-ASEAN partnerships, advanced the Asia Pacific Free Trade Area initiative, promoted the “Belt and Road” development, and pressed ahead with comprehensive economic partnership agreements in the region.

Such moves have effectively heightened China's position on the global stage.
In 2021 the 46th WorldSkills Competition will promote the vision, standards and methodologies of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Competitions worldwide and encourage more young people to embrace skills and craftsmanship, ultimately changing and enriching their lives through skills.