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A rich history of skill development

China’s skilled craftspeople have created many wonders in the history of world civilization. The Four Great Inventions, papermaking, compasses, gunpowder, and printing, accelerated the pace of the world towards modern civilization, and made huge contributions to human development. Lu Ban of the Spring and Autumn Period, Li Bing of the Waring States Period, and Cai Lun of East Han Dynasty, are known throughout China’s long history for their extraordinary carpentry, the famous Dujiangyan irrigation project, and papermaking techniques that also represent China’s spirit of craftsmanship.





As far back as 6,000 years ago, China was creating masterpieces in jade ware, bronze, porcelain, and silk fabrics, crafted down the dynasties, which consistently charmed the world and represented the brilliant culture of this ancient oriental nation.

Chinese crafts, which embody the essence of the material and cultural civilizations of this nation, have also exerted significant impact on the development of world culture through international trade and cultural exchanges. China’s ancient Silk Road not only brought to the West exquisite silk products, but also the techniques for breeding silkworms and weaving silk.

The Porcelain Road was another bridge connecting the East and the West in the Middle Ages. As a great invention exported from China, porcelain not only enriched the civilization of humanity and created a worldwide industry, but also influenced people’s way of life and cultural perceptions wherever it arrived.

From the mid-20th century, artworks from China traveled around the world, further promoting international cultural and economic exchanges.


Bronze ware