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WorldSkills International

HOSTS WorldSkills International
WorldSkills is the global hub of skills excellence.

WorldSkills and its Members help young people who want to change their lives, and the fortunes of their communities and societies.

The WorldSkills membership is a cross-section of the countries/regions of the world and includes the richest, and largest nations, as well as some of the poorest. Our Membership represents two-thirds of the world’s population.

WorldSkills International’s vision

Improving our world with the power of skills.
Every two years WorldSkills organizes the WorldSkills Competition. With over 80 Members, they work together to increase skills awareness among young people, develop international skills standards, share research results, exchange best practices, and promote the value of skills for economic growth and personal success.

WorldSkills International’s mission

To raise the profile and recognition of skilled people, and show how important skills are in achieving economic growth and personal success.
WorldSkills International's activities are all about changing world through skills. They aim to change individuals' understanding of skills and increase their chances of success through skills, improve organizational performance and results, and help to improve the economic competitiveness of cities and regions. WorldSkills International and its Members support the development of vocational education and training in various countries and regions through project cooperation and cooperation with other international organizations such as UNESCO,the International Labor organization and the World Bank.

WorldSkills International 'spositioning

The global hub for skills excellence and development.
The WorldSkills International's strategic goals for 2025 are as follows:
1. Raise ambition and opportunity in VET for young people, employers, and societies.
2. Enhance the quality of VET provision through stronger connections to labour markets, employers, and economies.
3. Help build the organizational capability of WorldSkills and the global competitiveness of its Members through skills.

WorldSkills International 'svalues

Excellence, innovation, cooperation, fairness, justice, diversity and transparency (openness)